Abbreviations used

RHR = River Heads Reserve

FCRC = Fraser Coast Regional Council

RHPA = River Heads Progress Association meaning for management purposes River Heads Progress Association Management Committee

RHRSC = River Heads Reserve Sub Committee. Note RHRSC reports to and acts for the River Heads Progress Association Management Committee

RHRCP = River Heads Reserve Concept Plan

CEP = Community Environment Program meaning Fraser Coast Regional Council Community Environment Program

FCO = Fraser Coast Opportunities

BMRG = Burnett Mary Regional Group


Organisation Elements to Plan

Management: RHR Conceptual Plan, Governance, CEP Responsibilities/Interaction,Usage, Communication, Funding and Sponsorship.

Reserve Infrastructural Elements: Gardens, Children’s Playground, Bush Tucker/Butchella Area,Toilet Facilities, Shed/Shed Precinct, Car Park, Pathways, Lighting, Bridge, Barbecue/ Picnic Area, Seating and Shelter, Exercise Stations, Observation Tower, Bird Hides, Mangrove Boardwalk Walk, Other Sporting Facilities.

General: Storm Water, Water Supply, Power, Safety, Security.





Deliverable Person(s) Responsible Timeframe Resources KPI Comments
RIVER HEADS RESERVE CONCEPTUAL PLAN: to regularly consider and update the River Heads Reserve Conceptual Plan FCRCRHP,RHRSC 30.6.2015 FCRCRHP,RHRSC Seek a small amount of funding ca $200 and invite Dr Stephen Perry to revise the RHRCPRHRSC submit revisions/ amendments of the RHRCP through RHPA to FCRC for their approval.
Matters known to require attention are:

·          Shed

·          Playground

·          Others ?


Number of times RHRCP taken into consideration at RHRSC and RHPA meetings


Correspondence and discussions with FCRC

The River Heads Reserve Conceptual Plan developed by Dr Stephen Perry over the period 2006-2007and funded by FCRC and RHPA involved detailed consultation and negotiation with the immediate land owners around RHR and the wider community. This comprehensive document was subsequently adopted by FCRC 15th May 2007. This overarching document both plans and governs what is placed logistically on RHR.   To protect FCRC, RHPA and RHRSC it needs to be formally amended from time to time.
GOVERNANCE:to manage day to day activities at the RHR including maintenance of existing facilities and further development of new ones FCRCRHP,RHRSC Ongoing FCRCRHPARHRSC


Further development of RHRMaintenance of existing facilities


Increased and more diversified use of RHR

RHR Management is constrained by visual amenity restrictions and according to the RHR Concept Plan 2007.
CEP Responsibilities/Interaction FCRCRHPARHRSC

FCRC CEP Officer

CEP RHR Coordinator


FCRC CEP Officer

CEP RHR Coordinator

Number of monthly working beesNumber of CEP volunteers logged


Number of CEP volunteers attending


Number of plants planted


Number of plants surviving

FCRC has a Community Environment Program which coordinates community volunteers to undertake tasks in the nursery in the Hervey Bay Botanic Gardens and FCRC Reserves. This CEP program provides volunteers to undertake tasks such as planting and weeding on the RHR in the form of a monthly working bee and at other times as required. The FCRC CEP nominates a CEP coordinator for RHR who is a member of the RHPA.
USAGE to encourage usage of existing facilities by RH residents and the wide Fraser Coast Community FCRCRHPARHRSC Ongoing FCRCFCPARHRSC



Community Groups


Increased usage of existing facilitiesNo of enquiries re usage


New usage eg new events Seafood Festival and or Lifestyle Expo

New usage of facilities depends to some degree upon communication.A communication strategy is to be developed with RHPA re RHR usage
COMMUNICATION to develop a communication strategy re usage of RHR FCRCRHPARHRSC 31.12.2015 NewspapersInternetRHPA Facebook page



Increased usage of existing facilitiesNew usage of RHRDevelopment of new facilities

Continued grant success re funding for maintenance and new facilities

FUNDING and SPONSORSHIP toraise funds for RHR maintenanceand continued development of RHR RHPAHRSC Ongoing FCRC annual budgetGrants (Govt and Non Govt) Grant funding achievedSponsorship program conceptualised


Sponsorship program initiated


No of sponsorships achieved :


·          Platinum $5k

·          Gold $3k

·          Silver $1k

·          Bronze $0.5k

·          Copper $0.2k


Increased awareness of RHR

RHR has been developed by River Heads Community Volunteers and the RHPA assisted by FCRC and grants and the FCRC.5 categories of sponsorships are to be actively sought to continue operations and development at RHR as well as grant funding.


Sponsorship comes with benefits to sponsors (dependent upon sponsorship category) and includes   advertising (website, media and RH Review), naming rights, inside signage, seat dedication and complementary tickets to functions.

GARDENS to maintain existing gardens and adjacent grassed areas and further develop new areas aiming for some degree of sustainability RHPARHRSCFCRC CEP Officer

CEP Coordinator RHR

CEP Volunteers

Ongoing CEP Nursery plantsMachinery (mowing and whipper snipping)


Hand held gardening tools and wheel barrows


Grant funding, sponsorships and donations


CEP volunteers maintain interest and new ones attractedTotal number of volunteer hours is maintained and increased


Volunteer age is diversified to include more younger people


Natural reseeding and colonisation occurs


Native Fauna is attracted to RHR



Visual amenity issues were negotiated with RHR neighbours over the period 2006 to 2007 so that plantings on RHR do not interfere with views towards the sea.
NevilleWatson Oval to maintain and improve the Neville Watson Oval and its associated facilities RHPARHRSC Ongoing RHPARHRSCGrant funding, sponsorships and donations

Qld Govt


Existing soil piles tested and if soil suitable spread along the bankOval levelled and top dressed


Grant funding applications developed and submitted


Grant funding achieved


Reticulation pipes installed


Sprinklers installed


Installation of perimeter fencing


Training facilities developed


Existing shed adjacent to the oval use diversified from machinery storage and shelter for volunteers to also a canteen, change rooms and showers



The Neville Watson Oval was officially opened during 2014. It currently requires levelling and top dressing. The bank also requires top dressing to save existing turf. Soil is available on the reserve from oval construction. Its suitability however must be assess by scientific soil testing. It is pointless to level and top dress the oval without having a water supply (see water section below).Significant funding is required before any or all of these activities can proceed.
Children’s Playgroundto maintain and further develop the existing children’s playground area FCRCRHPARHRSC 31.12. 2015 FCRCRHRSCCEP

Grant funding, sponsorships and donations


Bench seating installedShade trees planted


No of playground weekly reports to FCRC


Increased usage of this facility by children and families

The children’s playground was installed early in 2015 and is currently being well used. RNRSC/RHPA has responsibility for safety reporting of equipment and surrounds weekly to FCRC.Seating is required for parents and grandparents supervising young children. Funding is currently being sought for this.Additionally shade trees arebe planted in the immediate vicinity.
Bush Tucker/Butchella Area FCRCRHPARHRSC

Butchella Elders



Grant funding

Number of additional bush tucker plants plantedNumber of bush tucker plants labelled


Story board installed


Number of meetings\discussions with Butchella Elders


Concept plan developed


Concept plan approved by Butchella Elders


Concept plan approved by FCRC


Funding and personnel identified

Project commenced


Project completed


It has been suggested by Personnel involved in the QLD Juvenile Justice Program which accesses RHR on a needs basis undertaking tasks such as weeding, watering and planting that the Bush Tucker area of RHR be expanded as a Butchella Culture Precinct eg dance area, yarning circle, totems, and story boards.The potential components of the cultural area are likely to take several years
Toilet Facilities. To maintain and expand toilet facilities at RHR FCRCRHPARHRSC




Toilet facilities are used without complaintNew facility constructed Toilet facilities which are also suitable for those with disabilities have been established at RHR. These facilities will require expansion with time and as visitor numbers increase.
Shed/Shed Precinct. To complete construction activities and further develop this additional facility  FCRCRHPARHRSC


31.12.2015Ongoing FCRCRHPARHRSC

Grant funding



Roller door fully installedShed at lockup stage and secure


Machinery Access/Entry Area concreted


Immediate surrounds concreted


Water tank funded and installed


Generator funded/donated/sponsored and installed on site


Plans drawn up for addition facilities (Phase 2)


Plans for addition facilities (Phase 2)   approved by FCRC


Grant application for further facilities (Phase 2) submitted and funded


(Phase 2) construction activities commenced


(Phase 2) construction activities completed



A shed was constructed in part during 2015 on RHR to store machinery, tools and provide shelter for volunteers from sun and weather events. Construction activities require completion to plan phase 1. Eventually it is planned to expand this facility to include a canteen, meeting room, change rooms, toilets and shower facilities (phase 2).



Grant funding


Parking area plan drawn up showing cars and busesParking area plan approved by FCRC


Grant funding submitted for setting out of the parking area disability friendly paths from the bus set down area to the reserve via a bridge over the large stormwater drain


Grant funding obtained


Construction commenced


Construction completed

There is a designated significant parking area to the RHS entry of RHR. This was approved by FCRC as part of the RHR Concept Plan.Currently funding is being sought to construct disability friendly pathways from the carpark to RHR via a bridge. This funding will also allow marking out of the parking area.


FCRC has been informed RHRSC in writing, that FCRC does not condone vehicular access to its’ Parks and Open Spaces’ other than approved service vehicles for maintenance & scheduled/approved events within these areas.


Pathways. To maintain and expand existing pathways on RHR  FCRCRHPARHRSC



Grant funding



Pathways maintained in good orderFurther funding for pathways sourced


Upgrade existing crusher dust pathways (concrete edging)


Car park to toilet pathway constructed in concrete


Oval pathway constructed (concrete/crusher dust)


Central pathway extended to base of observation tower site (concrete/crusher dust)


Eastern perimeter pathway outside the conservation area constructed (concrete/crusher dust)


Pathway from bridge to centre completed (concrete/crusher dust)


The River Heads Concept Plan 2007 as approved and adopted by FCRC outlines and defines pathways at RHR which have been constructed as funding has become available and on a needs basis.Existing crusher dust pathways require up-grading to manage weeds and grass intrusion.


All pathways are to be disability friendly




Grant funding



Lighting investigated/determined on a facility by facility basis ie barbecue/picnic area, entry paths, shed precinct, etcLighting conceptual plan for RHR developed


Funding obtained and equipment obtained


Lighting installed and commissioned



Lighting is required throughout the reserve on a facility and case by case basis.FCRC has informed RHRSC that power from the grid is not an option that they will not bear the cost.


Renewable options ie wind and solar are to be seriously considered rather than grid electricity.


It is possible that installation of lighting   may attract an undesirable element to RHR at night. This will require consideration, on a case by case basis.

Additionally the impacts of lighting on wildlife requires investigation.


Bridge. To construct a bridge over the existing open stormwater drain area linking the car park and main reserve area  FCRCRHPARHRSC



Grant funding


Bridge proposal fundedDetailed stormwater assessment and plan undertaken by FCRC.


Engineering drawings approved by FCRC


Materials sourced


Construction begun


Construction completed

RHRSC have developed a detailed conceptual design for the bridge over the open storm water drain on RHR linking the existing car park and the main body of the reserve. This has been submitted to FCRC who have held further activities on their part in abeyance awaiting funding. Funding was applied for this facility in the latter part of 2014. Before construction can be commenced a detailed stormwater assessment and plan will need to be undertaken by FCRC.
Barbecue/ Picnic Area. To develop a barbecue/ picnic area  FCRCRHPARHRSC



Grant funding



FCRC is requested by RHRSC to fund this facility from their 2015/2016 budgetConstruction commenced


Construction completed


Community usage of this facility


Community opening of this facility


A barbecue/ picnic area, according to the RHR Concept Plan 2007 is proposed for the area in the vicinity of the children’s playground and toilet facility. It is hoped that FCRC will fund this facility from their 2015/2016 budget. Gas barbecue/barbecues is/are proposed. 

Issues? Cleaning and Insurance


Seating and Shelter. To renovate and maintain existing seating. To develop further seating on RHR particularly in the picnic/barbecue area  FCRCRHPARHRSC 31.12.2015 FCRCRHPARHRSC

Grant funding



Alan Peebles renovates his bird paintingsRHRSC repaints the remainder of the 2 bus shelters


Funding/Donations/Sponsorship achieved for Playground and Figtree Seating


Playground and Figtree Seating constructed and completed


Further seating conceptually planned and discussed with RCRC


Additional seating installed on RHR


Seating used on RHR


RCRC provided and relocated 2 Alan Peebles Bus Shelters on RHR. These are icons of Hervey bay and include 2 different Alan Peebles birds of the area. RHRSC has in hand the repainting of the remainder of these shelters. This includes some restoration of the birds.Additional seating is required near the recently installed (Jan 2015) Children’s Playground, around the Central Figtree and elsewhere on RHR.


RHRSC is currently seeking donations from the RHR Community for named seating on RHR.


Exercise Stations. To inform the community that exercise equipment   exists on RHR, promote its use and canvass the installation of further exercise equipment  FCRCRHPARHRSC Ongoing FCRCRHPARHRSC



Existing exercise equipment usedAdditional visitors to RHR FCRC installed exercise equipment on RHR during 2014.
Observation Tower. To promote, design and source funding for the Observation Tower on RHR FCRCRHPARHRSC Ongoing FCRCRHPARHRSC

Grant funding



Initial conceptual drawings developedPreliminary costings obtained


Discussions regarding suitable funding begun with:

·          FCRC

·          FCO and local Tourism

·          Local Politicians (State and Federal)

·          Local Business Groups(Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Clubs)


Funding proposals and opportunities put together

The RHR Conceptual Plan 2007 approved and adopted by FCRC includes a significantly sized tower on the sea boundary of RHR and the Great Sandy Straits Marine Park Conservation Area. This structure will provide opportunity:·          to sightsee over the Sandy Straits and Fraser Island with an unobstructed view·          birdwatching

·          stargaze

·          become a significant tourist attraction for the area

Bird Hides  





State Government


Grant funding

Qld Govt

Hervey Bay Birdwatchers

Initial conceptual drawings developedDiscussions initiated with:

·          State Government

·          Local Politicians (State and Federal)

·          BMRG

·          Hervey Bay Bird Watchers


Preliminary costings obtained


Funding proposals and opportunities put together


After funding construction begins


Construction completed and facility opened


The RHR Conceptual Plan 2007 approved and adopted by FCRC includes significant bird hides on the sea boundary of RHR and the Great Sandy Straits Marine Park Conservation Area.For this to occur Queensland Government Departments would need to be supportive.
Mangrove Boardwalk FCRCRHPARHRSC

State Government


Grant funding

Qld Govt


Initial conceptual drawings developedDiscussions initiated with:

·          State Government

·          BMRG

·          FCO and local Tourism

·          Local Politicians (State and Federal


Preliminary costings obtained


Funding proposals and opportunities put together


After funding construction begins


Construction completed and facility opened




The RHR Conceptual Plan 2007 approved and adopted by FCRC includes a board walk through mangroves on the area adjacent to and part of the sea boundary of RHR and the Great Sandy Straits Marine Park Conservation Area.For this to occur Queensland Government Departments would need to be supportive.
Other Sporting Facilities. Topromote RHR in terms of its current opportunities for sporting experiences and determine what extra sporting opportunities might exist. FCRCRHPARHRSC Ongoing FCRCRHPARHRSC RHR promoted as a potential sporting facility.New opportunities defined


Enquiries made



RHR currently provides opportunities for:Cricket, AFL football, Rugby, Soccer, Hockey and Baseball/Softball both in terms of a home base or training facility. Potentially facilities could be created for netball/ basketball and other sports 




Storm Water. To further eventuate and document current and future stormwater issues and management on RHR.  FCRCRHPARHRSC


31.12 2015 FCRCRHPARHRSC Documentation of existing stormwater flow knowledge and issues by RHRSCInitiation of discussions with FCRC on stormwater flow present and future and management thereof


Request to RCRC to develop and communicate a storm water management plan for waters flowing across RHR


Revisit past plans re installation of some ephemeral/permanent ponds re the large open stormwater drain between ….. the Dam and Great Sandy Straits


Redevelop a conceptual plan to install the above

Stormwater flows on RHR impact some current paths and need to be considered in planning new facilities on RHR eg:·          Bridge·          Additional Paths

·          Future Planning


Currently the large open stormwater drain on RHR is eroding significantly destroying some shrubs and trees

Water Supply/Bore.To provide an irrigation supply for the Neville Watson Oval in the form of a bore, irrigation piping and sprinkler system RHPARHRSC Ongoing FCRCRHPARHRSC

Local knowledge re bore water quality and depth

Funding achieved for ground water   investigationGround water investigation undertaken


Suitable ground water located


Bore sunk successfully


Diesel or other pump funding/donation sought (there is no grid power available on RHR


Solar or wind power for pumping investigated


Suitable bore pump sourced and installed

Funding for underground reticulation sought and obtained


Underground reticulation installed both pipes and sprinkler(s)


Funding sought and obtained for levelling, top dressing and fertilising of oval


Oval levelled, top dressed and fertilised


Neville Watson Oval irrigated as required

RHRSC formally approached FCRC re the installation of a water bore to irrigate the Neville Watson Oval in 2014. The reply received was that the Qld Govt and FCRC had no objection to installation of a bore on RHR and that once this occurred the QLD Govt DNR be informed. FCRC further informed that they would not be providing any financial support for thisImprovement of the Oval by way of levelling, top dressing and weed removal is dependent upon installation of a water bore and irrigation system
Power. To define power requirements for RHR in terms of:·          Shed precinct·          Neville Watson Oval irrigation

·          Lighting throughout RHR

·          Other purposes

To determine the options and costs for provision of power via:

·          Grid supply

·          Solar generation

·          Wind generation

·          Diesel Generation



Local knowledge

Grant funding



Investigate the potential total power requirements for RHR and component requirements (shed, oval reticulation and lighting)Investigate the options for providing this power and potential costs


Initiate discussions once above known with: RHPA, RCRC, Ergon, Local politicians, local business


Investigate grant and funding options


Obtain funding for power either piece meal or component by component

Power is required for the shed and being investigated in terms of machinery requirements. It is also required once a water bore is constructed for pumping purposes 

FCRC has informed RHRSC that power from the grid is not an option that they will not bear the cost


Renewable options ie wind and solar are to be seriously considered rather than grid electricity


Safety. To proactively manage safety for all on RHR  FCRCRHPARHRSC


Everyone who steps onto RHR has responsibility for their own safety and those of others


Ongoing CEP FCRC annual sign on inductionsSignage throughout RHR


FCRC Safety Officers


Rigorous housekeeping in terms of sign on and signoff for volunteers working on RHR



CEP FCRC annual sign on inductions to be attended by all CEP volunteers and RHRSCSafety and first aid equipment to be provided by FCRC and RHPA/RHRSC and to be readily available


Safety agenda item at all RHRSC meetings. CEP Coordinator to report also. CEP incidents and near misses to be formally reported to RHRSC, RHPA and FCRC


A designated assembly area is to be determined   with appropriate signage on RHR associated with FFCRC Safety personnel


Regular contact with FCRC Safety Officers


Sign on / sign off documentation to be completed by all CEP volunteers working on RHR. If this has not happened and an accident occurs then insurance cover may be invalid

RHRSC members and their agents (eg mowing machinery operators) to sign on and off when working on RHR


Vigilance of FCRC Workers and all visitors to RHR when on RHR and reporting of incidents

Everyone who steps onto RHR has responsibility for their own safety and that of othersIgnorance of safety issues is not an excuse and non compliance in this probably invalidates insurances



RHR Neighbour

Queensland Police

Security plan compiled for RHRDiscussions initiated with FCRC, RHPA, RHR Neighbours and QLD Police Service


Security plan put into action Queensland Police


Security issues discussed with RHR Neighbours and informal park watch initiated.

Additional infrastructural elements on RHR eg Shed, Equipment, Playground, Barbecue/Picnic Area, Trees and Shrubs are at risk from theft and vandalism.